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 Legends of Rosalinda

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PostSubject: Legends of Rosalinda   Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:36 am

Name: Ombra Venganza Cavaliere
Alies: Conto Kane
Real Name: Roberto Dedo
Home Planet: Rosalinda
Job: Vigilante
Height: 10' 0"
Eyes color: Unknown
Hair color: Unknown
Weight: 50 tons
Sex: Male
Abilities: Mix of his only physical abilities and abilities provide by the nano enhance body armor he wears that includes: Indomitable Will, Intimidation, Expert Inquisitor, Expert Acrobat, Master Martial Artist, Weapon Master, Master of Stealth, Expert Marksman, Genius Intellect, Polymath, Master Detective, Multi-Lingual, Master Strategist, Escapologist, Crack Pilot, Expert Tracker, Master of Disguise, Expert Mechanic and Driver, strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and coordination are at the peak of human potential.
Equipment: A special suit of light articulated combat armor composed of nano enhance Kevlar/boro and silicate-oriented fiber in ceramic matrix, 2 layers, 8 mm/16 mm thick, and the cloth composed of micro-mail titanium nitride; the armor was built and design by the Rosalinda Dominio Military Imporre Consejo. The costume cannot be penetrated by bullets from conventional firearms or by knives and is fireproof. The suit is also composed of a wafer-thin L.E.D. casing that allows the suit to camouflage itself within its surroundings. The helmet contained goggles (integral) with infrared sighting, telescopic lens, magnetic resonance scanning, and camera attachment. The helmet also includes a breathing apparatus, voice scrambler, two-way radio communications device, parabolic sound enhancer, and cybernetic link to armor systems. The armor is able to used nanotechnology to create any weapon that the wearier can think of from melee type weapons to long range weapons, Ombra favorite weapons are energy element blades . The cape is also nano enhance aloud the wearier to used it for both offense or defense abilities including of transportation or teleportation. The armor enhance strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and coordination and sense to almost superhuman level.

Planet Background: Planet Rosalinda used to be a Earth type Giant Gas planet were the main sentient intelligence race is a 6' to 10' humanoids that come in different color of almost ice skin who weight in tons they also only have two gender male and female, who speak in a hybrid of Italian and spanish. The planet was ruled by government of 7 Royal Families or Sette Real Famiglie Unión as it was called that run their sector of the planet with grace and many rules for 123,456,789 years but it was not perfect as it result over those years with 100,000 different civil wars both small and big that the last civil wars resulted in the uprising of the Rosalinda Dominio that overthrow the largest Rosalinda Royal Families that also result with 75% of the rest planet being level and reduce to a mutant wild wasteland with smaller Kingdom taking over and the Rosalinda Dominio transformed there 25% of the planet into a Metropolis Mega City that divided the inhabitants into different class. The lowest class live on the surface level of Rosalinda were the Dominio cut protection cost in law enforcement and in environment protection so the chemical from the planet were able to slowly transformed the inhabited in the lower areas into mutants who challenge the government with all the illegal actions the Rosalinda Dominio Militar Imporre Consejo or R.D.M.I.C. could not counter.

Armor Background: With the increase of illegal active in the lower section of Ordine Ley the Rosalinda Dominio Militar Imporre Consejo or R.D.M.I.C. came up with the created the perfect Law Enforcer to confront it so they try different object or weapons to used as prototype for the ideas, including the idea of creating the perfect battle armor called named Justicia Cavaliere. It took several different tries but finally the best tech engineer came up with a nanotechnology fuel battlesuit that enhance the wear physical abilities even their sense to superhuman level but the suit had side effect that the government science and engineering team kept secret. So many in the Militar Imporre were try to take part of the project but the truth so many couldn't handle the battlesuit and many in effect end up going insane from the suit that R.D.M.I.C. decided to cancelled the project and work on other unknown that the prototype suit was about to fall in the right hand but to them the wrong hands.

Ombra Venganza Cavaliere Background: Not much is known of the man name Conto Kane who found himself in command of the nanotechnology battle armor called named Justicia Cavaliere, he has background history with the Militar Imporre as he is a street law enforcer detective who works in the lower area of the Mega Country of Ordine Ley whose family like so many families genes have been started to be mutation and that is how he has been able to handle the suit, but it more then that Conto Kane was a alies or more important a fake name as his really name is Roberto Dedo one of the last Reale Guardia that used to serve and protect one of the Sette Real Famiglie Unión families hence when he put the armor on it took on the colours of purple, black, gold, and red as it was the colors of the Sette Real Famiglie Unión Flag he serve but also where he found himself breaking only one of the rules when S.R.F.U. still stand and that was falling in love with his Princess he swear every second of his life to protect. Using the armor as a vigilante to punished both the illegal action of the crimalies that was quickly growing in the lower area of the Ordine Ley but also used it to be a pain in the truth Corrupt government that is the Rosalinda Dominio, as even this day he was a Reale Guardia who would guard the innocent people in Ordine Ley.
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Legends of Rosalinda
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