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 Name Changing.

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PostSubject: Name Changing.   Wed Oct 24, 2007 1:43 am

This has come up a lot behind the scenes and I
want to bring this to notice. So figure this is my first "decree" as
admin. Heh. IM DRUNK WITH POWER! (Ten points if you figure out where
this is from) J/k

All kidding aside, when you sign up for MIB
please make sure you pick a name that you are going to want to stick
with. We've had a few people ask us about name changes, and some of
them were given, and then wanted to change their name again. The policy
was you were allowed one name change. But, for now on, there will be no
more name changes. I understand you might grow out of your "persona",
this is why you should pick a name that will be useable for the
forceable future.

HOWEVER, if there is a emergency reason you
need a change or something really drastic, please PM either myself, or
any of the Mods/Admins and let us know why. And we'll talk it over, do
not PM us if you just want to change your name because you're sick of

There we go. ANY questions at all, please do not hesitate to IM me.

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Name Changing.
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