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Aries Snake
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PostSubject: Templates   Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:01 pm

My templates


This is me Smile

These are my main characters Smile Lisabit Mouse by abel. 

Me & my hubby by Emissary

What happened to my gifts, personal micros and signatures?

All my micros, dollz, gifts, signatures, personal dollz and everything missing are now on either my DeviantArt or my personal page. I got tired of broken images so I'm just gonna keep them on those pages. I have a few sheet pages posted in my micro/doll section here, but no single images anymore.

Ember from ElfQuest, Dawnstar from Legion, Moonshade from ElfQuest, Namorita from New Warriors/Avengers, Amethyst of Gemworld, Shadowcat of the X-Men, Magik from the New Mutants/X-Men, Nightfall from ElfQuest, Mysa Nal the White Witch of the Legion, Meggan from Excalibur and Firestar from the New Warriors/Avengers.

All my favorite comic book girls! May replace this with another pic soon, but this one just looks too cool.

-- My Gallery!! =^^= Template -- Sprite Requests Open! -- Hei Hei by Iceman --  

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