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 Books & Misc Comics

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PostSubject: Books & Misc Comics   Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:41 pm

Amethyst: Amy Winston

Elvenblood: Lashana

Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Cinemone(3), Daystar, Mendanbar, Morwen & Shiara

Forbidden Realms: Briza Do'Urden, Matron Malice Do'Urden(2), Matron Sinafey Hu'nett(2), Maya Do'Urden & Vierna Do'Urden(3)

Immortals Saga: Diane(4)

Little Mermaid Serpant Teen: Celia

Lady Death: A Medieval Tale: Caprice(3), Hope(2), Lady Death, Marion(2), & Obsidia(3)

Medieval Lady Death: War of the Winds: Caprice(4), Lady Death(2), & Obsidia(4)

Medieval Lady Death: Wild Hunt: Lady Death

Pern: Harper Hall Trilogy: Menolly

Spiderman: Black Cat

Song of the Lioness Saga: Alanna Trebond(4)

Winter of Fire: Elsha
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Books & Misc Comics
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