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 Some bad news

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PostSubject: Some bad news   Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:29 am

I don't really post that much anyway, but i probably won't be posting anything for a while now.

My girlfriend split up with me today, we'd been in a relationship for some time & tbh i'm not quite sure how it happened. All i know is my heads all over the place &... i just.. i dunno how i feel, upset, angry? I don't really know how to explain how i feel

anyway if i do post & it doesn't sound very nice or doesn't come across right, just ignore it or get a mod to delete, because i won't mean anything by it, im just a little screwed up right now.

SO yeah i apologise for any posts i may make which may sound a little blunt or nasty, just try & bare with me for now.

thanks for reading if anyone even bothered to :/
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PostSubject: Re: Some bad news   Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:53 am

If you feel like posting something mean or harsh, toward any other members or not, willingly or not, or doesn't feel like posting anything at all, then simply DON'T post anything at all.

I know how a break-up sucks, been there, done that. You'll get over it soon. Meanwhile, go spend some time with your friends or something, it'll be good for you, pal.

We're around if you need us. Wink

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Some bad news
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